Yoga at work

Yoga leads to increased health and happiness, boosts energy, provides a space for relaxation, improves posture and clears the mind. You do not have to be flexible or athletic; whether or not you can touch your toes is irrelevant.

After sitting behind the computer for several hours, many employees lack focus and creativity and have an urge to stretch. Break the routine with yoga and allow your employees to return to their seats feeling refreshed and recharged. A weekly yoga class with your team will help release tension, boost concentration and creativity, making the workplace more enjoyable.

During the group classes in the office, I’ll teach your team tools and techniques that are easily done sitting at your desk as well, creating a healthier workplace for the rest of the week.

Upward facing dog


What are we going to do?

By combining yoga (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and mindfulness, we will add a moment of zen into daily life at the office.

Asanas are physical postures, meant to purify the body from toxins and optimize health. There are several types of asanas, both stimulating the flow of energy through the body and calming the mind and body. By practicing asanas we stimulate the blood flow in the brain, create discipline, improve focus and concentration and improve our ability to sit still. Asana is the Sanskrit word for ‘seat’.

Pranayama is a variety of techniques that control the breath, which affects our body, mind and clarity of thinking.

Mindfulness is the practice of consciously steering your attention, teaching us to distance ourselves from thought patterns that are unhelpful. This helps to silence the noise and clear the clutter, letting you be more alert, focused and experience mental relaxation.


Do you have any questions about yoga at your work? Have a look at the FAQ and/or get in touch!