yoga at work

Introducing the yoga break

How can you help your employees to stay focused and productive during the work day? By offering yoga at work with Leela Yoga. Movement, relaxation and a moment of playfulness are important - especially in an environment where efficiency and productivity are needed. Yoga at work is a great way to improve workplace morale, prevent stress and to reduce sick leave and procrastination.


Get your team together

Yoga can be the welcome break to a busy work day, a great tool to boost creativity before an important meeting, or a relaxing way to de-stress at the start or end of the day. Up to 15 people can participate per class.


I create a pop-up studio and ‘yoga’ your people

I bring the yoga to you, mats and accessories included, so no need to rush to a studio. Don’t worry about a classroom space, we can come up with a suitable solution together. Weather permitting, we can also do the sessions outside.


Your team leaves the mat
feeling zen and energized

This creates the foundation to improve workplace morale, prevent stress and reduce sick leave and procrastination.
Your employees get back to their seats feeling refreshed and recharged.


business Yoga rates

What are the options?

To experience the benefits of yoga, one session per week for at least six weeks is recommended.
Rates start at €150 per week (excluding taxes) for a 45 minute-long class. Of course, classes and yoga-poses can be modified to best fit the needs of your company and employees.

See a selection of the possibilities here. Please contact me to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation and a customized quote.